Smitty's Garage Inc.
Kirkwoods oldest family run auto repair service Est. 1931
In 1927 Geyer Road was still dirt. Emil Metzger decided he needed a general store and the still standing store front was erected.Shortly after the store was opened Shell Oil Company came along and said hey this place needs a gas pump and Metzger's store offered gas & oil along with their other fares. Then about 1929 along comes Herman Schmidt and he purchases the place from Metzger,and operates it untill he sells it to his Brother Walter (Smitty) Schmidt in 1930 or 1931 and it becomes Smitty's Garage and Service featuring Shell oil, gasoline & products along with auto repair.Flash forward to 1956 Howard Worrell Sr. fresh out of the Army comes to Kirkwood looking for a job and Goes to work for Smitty as a mechanic. Now ole Smitty only had one child, a daughter and when he retires in 1973 he hands the keys over to Howard Sr.and Smitty's Garage continues operation as a Shell service station with Howard Sr., life long employee Charles (Shorty) Orth, Freeman (Munch)Ming and fresh (1 week) out of high school Howard Jr. Then along comes the 70's gas crunch,gas shortages,gas rationing,block long lines of cars waiting for stations to open their gas pumps for a couple hours a day........what a mess. Then to put insult to injury Shell decides to stop fuel supply to all but their company owned stations. So Howard Sr.recruits Freosel Oil Co.(Mobil oil products) to supply Smiity's Garage and we became A Mobil oil Service Station untill 1989 when EPA restrictions  on underground tanks became to expensive for an independent operater to for go. But Smitty's Garage still trudged on  as a general Auto repair shop. Then in 1992 Howard Sr. suffers a stroke in the office of Smitty's and while in the hospital hands the reigns over to Howard Jr.. Where it continues to operate with Howard Jr. and his brother David. Don't let the old place fool you as we can service and repair the newest of vehicles along with your trusty old classics.......... 

Questions? Call Howard at (314) 821-4356


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